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Providing dependable Security Solutions in Wagga Wagga

Your home, your family, your business. Some things can't be replaced, and that's why your most valuable possessions need protecting.


With years of experience, and the qualifications to match, we provide expert solutions at the right price. Our team is a wonderful mix of experience and expertise. We focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation.

Local Operator

Wilsec Security Services specialises in security systems in and around Wagga Wagga for homes and businesses. We can tailor a solution for you. Using proven security products, with professional installation, maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring. Our expert team knows exactly what is required.


Based in Wagga Wagga, Wilsec Security Services offers you peace of mind with custom security solutions, prepared by our consultants. We are the only local operator providing a complete package of Security and Protection. Our Services and products include:

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • Security Patrols
  • Security Guards
  • Alarm Responses
Wilsec Security Services can tailor a solution for you using proven security products, professional installation, maintenance and 24-hour monitoring.

24/7 Safety

When you're asleep, when you're at work, on holidays or just away for the weekend, your home, family and business are vulnerable. At Wilsec Security Services we understand that you can't sleep with one eye open or watch over everything 24/7. But we can. Our expert team can create security systems in Wagga Wagga for your home or business, expertly install it, and watch over it with 24-hour monitoring.

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